Growing Alternative Transportation Solutions from the Ground Up!

Growing Alternative Transportation Solutions from the ground up is harvesting all around the world!  Bamboo Bikes, in many unique and innovative forms, are sprouting about the planet.  People are talking, walking, biking and eager for more creative change.

Thanks to young student designer, Alexander Vittouris of Monash University in Australia, for innovating the Ajiro Bamboo Bike.  This is a very exciting time for the Alternative Transportation Industry’s of the World.  Young people around the globe are creating the changes necessary to sustain a more vibrant planet.  More details on the design and awards from the Ajiro Bamboo Bike below;

Australian Design Award

We don’t really have any more time to sit back and wait for the big guys (Toyota, Nissan, ect…) to make the changes.  WE, the people who desire alternative solutions to move about the Planet, need to inspire change today.

I believe when we create change to be more affordable and fun for the masses more people will follow.  Forget about all the research, technology and power struggles.

We have wasted precious hours, days, decades and lifetimes programming ourselves and each other to believe that Power is Money…   Money is Power!

We forget, personal choice is the one greatest power we have individually that has a great collective affect for the greater good.  What ever I choose is who I am.  I choose to Walk Bike in Costa Rica because it feels good and it makes me happy!

Change is a choice.  Any given moment in my day I can change what ever I choose to change in my life without approval from Fortune 500 Corporations, Institutions or the Governing Organizations of the World.

Let’s hear it for Ajiro Bamboo Bikes and all other Self-Propelled Innovators who are generating creative choice for the masses… TODAY!  This is the only day we truly have to change.  Let’s change today and have fun doing so!

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